Help and Frequently Asked Questions

For Assistance, call 1-866-345-3237 (FILE AES)

What do I need before I get started?

We try to make the process as simple as possible, but there are a few things to know before you get started:

  1. Your vehicle must be on US soil when submitted your filing. It must remain on US soil at least 72 hours prior to your export. If you have already brought the vehicle into Canada, please return it to US soil prior to filing.
  2. You must have a vehicle title to export your vehicle. This is proof of ownership and you will be required to provide this at the border. We require this to be submitted along with your Power of Attorney so we can make sure the information entered is accurate. If you do not have a title, you should acquire the title before proceeding. If the vehicle you are exporting is not titled in the state of purchase (antique vehicles, work vehicles, snowmobiles, or ATVs) you can submit an original signed bill of sale or registration in its place.
  3. If the title is not in your name (you have just purchased the vehicle) you must have a bill of sale or letter of gift.
  4. Since you will need to sign a PDF document (the power of attorney) you will need access to a printer or a touch screen device and application that will let you sign a PDF document.

Please call or email us if you have any questions about what you need before you get started.

How long does it take to receive the ITN?

We have a turnaround time of up to one business day from the time we receive your full submission, including electronic filing, payment, and all requested documents. We try our best to issue your ITN within a few hours if we receive all the documents during regular business hours.

Is the AES reference number the same as the ITN?

No, the ITN is a separate number. The AES reference is to identify your specific case with us, the ITN will be issued after we have received and approved your documentation.

I paid for the filing, why haven’t I heard back from you yet?

After you complete payment, we will send you an email confirming receipt of your electronic filing and payment. If you do not receive an email from us, please check your email spam folder. If there is nothing in your spam folder, please contact us either by email ( or by phone (1-866-345-3237 (FILE AES)) and we will work with you to resolve any issues.

If you have submitted all your documentation and haven’t heard back from us within one business day, there may have been a transmission error, please get in touch with us and we will figure out what the issue is.

I am a Canadian; can I use your service?

Our service can be used by anyone, regardless of residency or citizenship status. As long as the vehicle is on US soil when submitting the filing, you will be fine.

I am moving to Canada with my car that I own, how do I complete the form?

You will be considered as both exporter and importer. You should use your US address for the export information and your Canadian address for the importer information. If you do not yet have a Canadian address, you can use the first address you will be residing at when crossing the border, whether that is a family, friend, or hotel.

I am moving to Canada with my car that I own, what should I enter as the value?

You can use online classified ads or the tool on Kelly Blue Book ( to get an idea of what the current market value is.

I bought my car in Canada, moved with it to the US, and now am returning to Canada, do I still need to complete this process?

If you have registered/titled your vehicle in the USA, you will be required to complete the AES filing process, as your vehicle has been deemed to have entered the US market. For state of purchase, you will enter in the state in which your vehicle was registered/titled.

My friend or relative in the United States is giving me their car as a gift, but I live in Canada, what should I do?

If your friend or relative is giving you their car as a gift, they will be the seller/exporter, and you will be the purchaser/importer. Instead of providing a bill of sale, you will provide a “Letter of Gift”. This is a simple letter, that has the name and contact information of the person giving the gift, the name and contact information of the person receiving the gift, along with the vehicle’s VIN (Vehicle Identification Number).

The letter should be signed and dated, and that will be sufficient proof.

As for the declared value, you can use online classified ads or the tool on Kelly Blue Book ( to get an idea of what the current market value is.

How far in advance of my export can I complete the AES filing process?

Your filing can be done up to four months before you physically export your vehicle.

I don’t know the exact date I want to cross, what should I put for it, and do I have to cross on the date that I put here?

If you don’t know your exact date of export, enter in a best guess. The date on your electronic filing must match the actual date of export. If your date of export should change for any reason, please give us at least one business day advance notice so that we can update your filing. You can inform us of this change by providing us with your new date of export and your AES reference number by phone (1-866-345-3237 (FILE AES)) or by email (

Why can’t I enter a date on the weekend to export my vehicle?

Many of the most popular vehicle export offices are closed on weekends. To avoid unnecessary confusion and delays showing up to a border when it is closed, we have disabled weekend exports by default. If you are sure that your desired port of export is open on weekends, select the next closest date and advise us on your paperwork of your desired date of export. We will verify that this is possible and will make the change on our side.

Why can’t I set my export date as 3 days from now, the border said they only need 72 hours notification?

Completing the AES filing is not the same thing as submitting the 72 notification to the border. We require up to one business day to complete your filing and release your ITN, which is what must be sent to the border. The 72 hour notification doesn’t start until the border has received and accepted your documentation. Some border offices require the documents to be mailed. To allow you to have time to send us the documents, us to review the documents, send you back the ITN, you to submit the documents to the border, the border to review those documents and then send back your approval, we have added a couple of days of buffer time.

Is there any way that I can export my vehicle quicker than what the system says?

Depending on the border on the border and how quickly you can get the documentation to us, you can request for us to expedite your filing. Please call or email us with your request, and ensure that you are able to submit all required documentation immediately. We will handle all requests on a best effort basis.

What does “Ultimate Destination” mean?

This is the country in which the merchandise is to be consumed, further processed, or manufactured; the final country of destination as known to the exporter at the time of shipment; or the country ultimate destination as shown on the export license.

What is an ITN?

This refers to the International Transaction Number. This number is assigned to a shipment confirming that the EEI (Electronic Export Information) was accepted and is on file. This is required on all export documentation and must be clearly visible. This number is required to cross the border, you cannot cross without it. The AES reference number that is provided to you is not an ITN.

What is a DUNS ID type?

This is a Data Universal Numbering System. The DUNS number is a nine-digit number, issued by D&B (Dun and Bradstreet), assigned to each business location in the D&B database, having a unique, separate, and distinct operation for the purpose of identifying them. The DUNS number is random, and the digits have no apparent significance.

What is an EIN ID type?

This is an Employer Identification Number. It is a mandatory 9 digit number provided by the IRS (International Revenue Service), this is the exporter’s unique identification number. If you use as your filing agent, you will not be required to have an EIN.

Why do I need to complete a POA (Power of Attorney)?

The POA is required for us to legally send the information to the US Census Bureau on your behalf.

What if I lose my reference number?

Your reference number will be sent to you in an email once you complete your export. You can use this along with your email address to log back into the website.

How will I know when my export is ready and I can cross the border?

You will need to monitor your emails for communication from us in regards to your export. You will receive 3 emails from us. The first one will let you know that your account has been created and give you a reference number. The second has the power of attorney document along with a fax cover sheet, along with further instructions. The third email will have your shipper export declaration (SED) attached. This SED will have the ITN that you need to send to the border. Once the border receives and approves your documentation they will send you a notice. Some borders will require you to call them to verify receipt of the documents.

What documentation will I need to cross the border?

You will need the SED with the ITN on it, photo ID, the vehicle registration, the vehicle title and proof of insurance. If you are having the vehicle towed or trailered across the border, you will not need registration or insurance.

My vehicle doesn’t have a valid 17 digit VIN and I get an error, how can I proceed?

If you have an older vehicle or a work vehicle, you can bypass the VIN validation by changing the vehicle ID type in the field above the VIN to “Product ID”

In step 1, what do you mean by “vehicle type”?

Customs requires a description and a HTS number (harmonized tariff schedule). We have developed a one of a kind process to allow you to easily choose the correct vehicle type. Once you click on the vehicle type selector box, you will be given a choice to either enter the HTS number if you know it or select from the drop down box that is provided. If you choose to click on the drop down box, you will want to choose the section which best describes the vehicle you are trying to export. You will then be given another drop down box to choose a more specific type of vehicle. As you do this the HTS will be created. There is another section that you will need to fill in for the actual description of your vehicle as well; this field can be filled in manually.

What does “leaving through port” mean?

Once you click on this, you will be able to search for the US port where you are exiting the country. You can type in the name of the port or if you know the port code number, you can enter this as well. You will need to make sure that you specify the exact US port from which you are exiting the country, and this port must be a border port. You cannot export your vehicle at an inland office. You can find a list of ports at the CBP website:

What if I entered the wrong information in step 1?

In Step 2: Review Vehicle, you will have the opportunity to edit the information entered in step 1. All you will have to do is click on edit and you will be taken back to step 1. You can make the necessary changes and proceed accordingly.

What if after I make a payment for my export, I realize that I’ve entered the wrong information?

Once you send in the required documents, we will review your filing and make any corrections that we find. You can also contact us by e-mail at or by phone at 1-866-345-3237 (FILE AES) to go over any corrections you believe are required.

What is your refund policy?

We will offer a full refund if requested before processing has begun on your filing. There will be no refunds issued if we have started processing your filing or have issued the ITN.